Why Dave Allen's Bird and Wildlife Photography Classes

Take your photography to a new level. Learn how to get that dazzling photo. Excel in photography competitions, sell your work, make prints as gifts or to hang on your wall. Maximize your investment of time and photography equipment by honing your skills. Learn to recognize and anticipate situations.

Dave Allen began photographing and winning awards over 30 years ago. His Bachelor of Science degree in art with emphases in photography, sculpture, and painting gives him critical knowledge about composition. While many photography instructors know a little about the rule of thirds and other composition rules of thumb, Dave studied composition extensively and knows how to apply the rules in order to create a particularly pleasing image that does not look like everyone else's photo. By critiquing your photos, he can help you to understand how to both take and process images even better next time.

As an avid outdoorsman, Dave has spent many years developing an understanding of bird and other wildlife behavior. He is adept at calling in birds and other wildlife, setting up a backyard to attract birds, and using blinds and other techniques to avoid frightening the wildlife.

In addition, Dave has a passion to help others excel at and enjoy photography, just as he has. He enjoys answering questions and sharing his knowledge and special techniques.

Dave's wife, Kristin, assists on the group classes and workshops. Her experience as a graphic designer and years spent using Photoshop means that she can assist with and teach post-processing. Her past work with trade shows and event management gives her the experience to ensure that things run smoothly.


Dave has been published in several books and magazines. His photos have been used by US Fish and Wildlife, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Peregrine Fund. Dave won seventh place in the 2015 Audubon backyard bird competition out of more than 140,000 entries. Most recently, he photographed on two different ranches for the 2017 Wildlife in Focus competition, taking a top 10 finish on both ranches.

Student reactions to Dave's classes

"Dave's personal passion for what he does added to the presentation." - Bob

"I liked Dave's personable, personal style." - John

"Everything was excellent." - Ginger