Private Photography Workshop in South Texas

Available dates from January 27 to May 8

Book a private lesson from Dave Allen. Receive instruction on photographing birds and wildlife in natural settings.

Location options
Port Aransas. Likely wildlife includes a variety of birds in flight, wading birds, and alligators. Depending on migration, a variety of warblers may be present.

National seashore. The beach at the south end of Corpus Christi often features a variety of shore birds, herons, pelicans, White-tailed hawks, and falcons. Deer and coyote are sometimes present as well.

Annarose. About an hour from Corpus Christi, this area is home to a variety of birds including Painted bunting, Pyrrhuloxia (Desert cardinal), Green jay, Bullock's oriole, Hooded oriole, Audubon's oriole, Scissortail flycatcher, Vermilion flycatcher, Groove-billed ani, Harris' hawk, and Crested cara-cara.

Possible topics include

• Gear tips and tricks
• Camera setup, shutter speed, and exposure compensation
• What makes a good photo
• Lighting, backgrounds and depth of field
• How to use your histogram, both in the field and in your image processing program
• Composition rules and when and how to break them
• How to achieve pleasing blur
• Specific photography techniques for in-flight birds
• Techniques for capturing crisp images in the field with or without a tripod or monopod
• Large lens hand-holding: when, why and how
• Advanced camera settings for birds in flight
• How and why to pay attention to bird behavior and patterns, sky conditions, and light and wind direction
• How to make the best of a difficult shooting situation
• Attracting birds to your yard for photography
• Using blinds and other techniques to get closer to birds
• Easy image processing techniques
• Low light photography
• Creating successful silhouettes
• Ask about other topics that interest you

Receive instruction on photographing birds and wildlife in various settings. You will be photographing birds and other wildlife in natural settings. This will help you learn to respond to and record what you encounter in various settings.

Let Dave know if you are interested in photographing a particular species and he can try to target it.

Additional information

Bring your camera and your longest lens. 300mm or longer is best. View additional equipment recommendations.


March 21 to June 1. Any available day Monday to Saturday. Pre-registration required.


$65 per hour.

For more information or registration, use the contact link above or call.