Schedule a private session to address topics of your choice.

Possible topics:

- Any of the group class topics: designing pleasing backgrounds, shooting birds in flight, exposure, shutter speed, composition, equipment, light angles, what makes a good photo
- Advanced camera setting options
- Easy post processing
- Advanced composition
- Making the most of a bad shooting situation
- Critique of your photos (one of the best ways to learn)

$65 per hour, or $120 per hour total for 2 to 4 people. Pre-registration required.

Dates & Locations:

Corpus Christi, Texas
January 11 to June 1

Green Valley, Arizona

January 25 to February 13

Farmington, New Mexico
June 10 to November 30

Ask about a private coaching session remotely via Skype.

For more information or registration: Use the contact link above or call.

Western kingbirds, Osprey

Western kingbirds, Osprey